M&C Logistics And Trading is incorporated in Ghana and it is a wholly Ghanaian liability company.

  • We operate under license issued by the Minerals Commission of Ghana to Purchase, Assay And Export Minerals from Ghana to the Global World.
  • Our specialty is enormous in Buying, Assaying, and Exporting Gold to our Clients in China, Hong-Kong and Guangzhou, UAE, Dubai and Sharjah, South Africa and Cameroun where we have registered offices for our operations.
  • We also undertake Gold Delivery Services to any Buyer’s Destination.
  • We have positive arrangements in place to meet Clients requirements for all Gold transactions upon request.


GOLD is a cash back commodity, and Mining is a capital-intensive venture. As such, the only way to secure regular supply at reasonable and realistic discounts is to Pre-Finance.

This arrangement allows clients consistent supply of GOLD at good discount. Clients are required to make monthly orders for a minimum of 6 months. Supply commences 14 days – 30 days after full

payment is received. The advantage is to have good reasonable discount and thereby increasing profit and satisfaction for our clients. This is 100% Pre-finance.


This arrangement is there to address the insatiable desire of the investor who loves to partner a growing business. There is room for flexibility, safety, confidence,

satisfaction, transparency and above all maximization of return on investment. The terms are negotiable in this particular

aspect that exploits the rich concessions available and under the management of M&C Logistics and Trading


M&C Logistics And Trading is licensed to Purchase Gold from SMALL SCALE MINING Companies in Ghana. This opportunity puts M&C Logistics And Trading in a pole position to access Gold regularly when it is mined.

Clients are implored to open a Metal Account with M&C Logistics And Trading for Gold Dealing.

With this account in place, Clients have an option to deposit funds into their Metal Account for ready Purchase once Gold is available. The advantage here is to have replicable access to Gold to be purchased to meet Clients’ requests.


M&C Logistics And Trading which is licensed by the Minerals Commission of Ghana, exports Gold from Accra, Ghana to any destination/refinery of the client through Emirates Sky Cargo or KLM, Royal Dutch

Airlines as mandated by the conditions in the License. Clients across the Globe can comfortably place an order and make payment for Export Services of Gold purchased from 3rd Parties through M&C Logistics and Trading without travelling to Accra .


M&C Logistics and Trading accepts the following banking instruments for Gold Supply Transactions

  1. Bank Guarantee (MT760BG)
  2. Stand by letter of Credit (SBLC)
  3. Clients have the option to Transact with Banking Instruments particularly (MT760BG and MT760SBLC) issued to their Monetizer to grant M&C Logistics and Trading loan for the supply of Gold.

    NOTE : For all Banking Instrument Transactions, a Tripartite Agreement has to be signed by all parties (thus Buyer, Seller and Monetizer). For Cash transactions payments can be made directly into M&C Logistics and Trading's account. Gold is supplied 30days after M&C Logistics and Trading receives the LTV (Loan) from the Monetizer.


Clients are required to register and sign the Export Service Agreement before the commencement of any selected procedure. Charges on export are 1-1.5% of export value


Procedures, under which GOLD TRADING with M&C Logistics and Trading has been put together as follows:-

Opening of Gold Export Account. Contractual Agreement on Gold Trading Account. Charges on export are 1-1.5% of export value.

Conditions on Supply:

Revolving Agreement Under this arrangement one has the opportunity to tie ends in supply of Gold with M&C Logistics and Trading for continuity. Registration with M&C Logistics and Trading is required. Trading .

This arrangement is to address Clients’ GOLD trading activities at M&C Logistics and Trading on call time basis and it is accessible to registered Clients.

Licensed by Minerals Commision Ghana

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